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We hope you will find this website helpful. Besides learning about our practice and doctors you will find many links on how to handle common illnesses along with information on vaccines and well baby visits. You can also register as a new patient, look up information on your child via their online medical record, print out forms and a whole lot more! Feel free to look around and check out all of the links above. We know this is an exciting and new experience for many of you, and if you have any questions regarding the website or its content, please don’t hesitate to call our office! We hope you will find everything you need here and will soon agree, there's a reason we're called Advanced Pediatrics of Boca.

Environmental Triggers in Asthma

There are many air-borne allergens that can aggravate asthma. During a cold or cough, a person with asthma is more vulnerable to air irritants. This is because the bronchial tree lining has been perturbed by the infection. The immune response against the infection can be accentuated by the presence of irritants. Also, some of the immune response cells can become sensitized to the irritant, setting the stage for a possible allergic response in the future.


Tourette Syndrome Support Group

The Palm Beach County Tourette Syndrome Support Group is forming and will soon be holding one of their first meetings. Click below for details.